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This is a wikispace set up to be dedicated to the exploration of the 1978 anime series by Nippon Animation called Perrine Monogatari.

It ran for 53 episodes, from January 1st to December 31st. It also received a short movie adaptation in 1990.

It is about a girl named Perrine (Peline Paindavoine), her mother, her dog Baron and donkey Palikare and how they travel across Europe after the death of her father, to find her grandfather in France.

This is a story based on french novel Amongst Family written by Hector Malot in 1893.

Some translations of the story retitled it "Nobody's Girl" (not an accurate title adaptation) which has caused some confusion with other series.

En Famille/Amongst Family was a story written 15 years after Hector Malot's Sans Famille/Without Family which was written in 1878. It too was retitled via translation and called "Nobody's Boy", which is not a proper translation of the French title.

These french modifiers in Google translate make En="In" and Sans="no/without"

Malot's first story was also the first to receive an anime. "Nobody's Boy Remi" by Tokyo Movie Shinsa began in October of 1977, 3 months before Perrine. For the major part of both anime however, they aired concurrently.

Confusion resulted in 1990 when the "Remi" story (Sans Famille) received a second anime adaptation, this time with Remi changed to become a girl. The confusion resulted from the use of the title "Nobody's Girl" (a spin on "Nobody's Boy") due to that title having already been used previously to refer to the Story of Perrine, En Famille.

For the purpose of avoiding confusion, the titles En Famille, Story of Perrine, and Sans Famille will be used.

"Remi" should not be used on its own, unless including "Boy/Girl" to distinguish which it refers to.

"Nobody's Girl" should also not be used on it's own, it should Include either "Perrine" or "Remi" to distinguish which girl is being referred to.

"Nobody's Boy" can be used on its own, since it only refers to a single work, in practise it will refer to the anime since the original french title is preferable for the novels.

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This wiki has a sister at w:c:remi about the anime spawned from Malot's earlier work, Sans Famille, which became Nobody's Boy: Remi and Remi, Nobody's Girl.

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